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EU-China New Intellectual Property Cooperation

IP Key focuses on facilitating development of an intellectual property rights framework in China that is increasingly effective, fair, transparent, and otherwise based upon international best practices. It is a platform for cooperation and acts as bridge between EU and Chinese agencies in order to create an IP landscape that benefits both Chinese and EU Industry operating in China.  IP Key builds on a long and productive history of EU-China cooperation on IPR issues, most recently via the IPR2 project which raised awareness of IPR issues domestically through technical assistance and capacity building. 

IP Key further enhances cooperation by:

  • Providing support to the EU-China IP Dialogue and EU-China IP Working Group;
  • Facilitating the development of an IP and innovation framework in China that better allows for self-determined “sustainable competitiveness” and better mitigates business risk;
  • Improving the IP legal framework and predictability of IP enforcement in China.

This is done through cooperation on a number of activities including in-depth studies, peer to peer exchanges, development of databases and tools, seminars, workshops, training and high level events. IP Key is a four-year-project (July 2013 - June 2017), implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in partnership with the European Patent Office (EPO).  It is managed by the Beijing-based Technical Experts’ Team who receives administrative and technical backstopping support from the IP Key Action Team at EUIPO’s headquarters in Alicante, Spain. An EU-China Joint Platform, co-chaired by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the EU Delegation to China, identifies and oversees implementation of mutual-interest activities under IP Key.

The financial contribution from the European Union is 6 million EUR, to which EUIPO adds 1.5 million EUR. In addition, Chinese counterpart agencies contribute resources to the project’s individual activities.

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Team Beijing

Our Technical Experts Team in Beijing is in charge of day-to-day project management and the implementation of activities.

Benoit  Misonne is IP Key’s Team Leader and heads up the Technical Experts’ team based in Beijing, China. He is responsible for the day to day management and direction.  He previously worked on the EU-China project on the Protection of Intellectual Property (2007-2011) (IPR2) where he implemented hundreds of IP cooperation initiatives in areas such as innovation and IP related policy drafting and law-making, IP management strategies as well as civil, criminal and administrative enforcement of IP rights.  Benoit has extensive and insightful knowledge on sector specific IP related issues from information and communications to consumer products, through to online service industries.

Dan Prud’homme is a Technical Expert based in IP Key’s Beijing office. Dan’s work at IP Key focuses primarily on utility model, invention patent and designs issues, and innovation policy issues. He also works on sector-specific regulatory issues and plant varieties protection. Dan has served in various research and management roles in research institutes, industry associations, law firms and consultancies in China. 

Davide Follador is one of IP Key's Long Term Experts  based in Beijing. He is responsible for the legal component focusing on trademarks, copyright, geographical indications and IP enforcement in general. He served as First Lieutenant of Carabinieri (Italian Police Corps with Military status) and subsequently obtained Master of Laws in International Commercial Law. He is a qualified European Trademark and Design Attorney (OHIM) and admitted to the Milan BAR. Davide has been practicing as an  IP lawyer since 2001 and specialised in cross border EU-China Intellectual Property matters, working for major international law firms in Europe and China, where he previously also acted as an expert for the EU-CHINA and ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesks.

Jaspal Channa is the Public Awareness Officer responsible for communication and visibility of all of IP Key’s actions and activities. Previously she held the position of General Manager, Beijing at the European Chamber of Commerce in China where she was involved in lobbying on behalf of member companies operating in China. She worked on the China IPR SME Helpdesk as Project Manager creating business tools to help SMEs understand and navigate IPR in China.

Zhan Li is one of the Project Officers responsible for supporting the action in project management . Previously she worked on the EU-China Project in the Protection of Intellectual Property (IPR2), a European Patent Office project from December 2009 to September 2011.  Before IPR2 she was  a project manager at EU-China Trade Project, (Phase I),  in charge of horizontal issues relating to legal & legislative affairs, transparency and policy making.

Qiu Jiani is one of IP Key’s project officers responsible for day to day support of activities. Previously she worked for EU-China Police Training Project, a project also sponsored by the European Commission, as a full-time interpreter providing both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation,  she  has been translating since October 2015. After the project was officially concluded in May 2016, she joined IP Key to support a number of IP related activities

Siyu (Hilary) Li is a Project Officer who joined IP Key in September 2016. Hilary graduated from University of Southern California with a Master Degree in Public Diplomacy after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Translating in University of International Business and Economics. Before joining IP Key, she worked at CP Global Capital, a private equity firm in New York focusing on entertainment industry. She had also worked at National Development and Reform Commission, where she was responsible for public awareness monitoring and public relations management. 

Team Alicante

A dedicated team at EUIPO’s Special Projects unit backstops and supports the Beijing team in its tasks. The team is also in charge of organising activities taking place in Europe and preparing short-term expert missions to China.

Emilie joined the International Cooperation Service of EUIPO in March 2015 (initially on ECAP III project - an other EU-Funded Project) and joined IP Key in October 2015 to support the implementation of the project on both operational and clerical tasks. She has 10 years of experience in the private sector as Manager Assistant.

Luis has more than sixteen years of professional experience managing projects funded by the European Union. The last ten years of his career have developed as official of the EU first in Brussels working for the European Commission and the EU Committee of the Regional, and then in Alicante, Spain, at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Luis has also worked for consulting firms providing technical assistance services to international donors such AECOM ID Europe, Eptisa or Red2Red Consulting. He started his career in the ‘third sector’ working for non-profit organizations implementing development cooperation projects such as ActionAid or Movement for Peace (MPDL). Luis holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Political Science and Sociology by the University Complutense de Madrid, complemented with a Masters’ Degree in International Cooperation and Project Management by Research Institute Ortega y Gasset.

Valentin Mir is the IP Key Action Manager, overseeing the the entire cooperation action from the OHIM headquarters in Alicante. He is responsible for assuring the action meets its objectives and proper execution of budget.  Seconded to OHIM for IP Key, he was the former Director for International Cooperation at the European Patent Office (EPO), which implemented the IPR2 project.  He joined the EPO in 1988, working in different services (examination, patent information) and since 1999 in the IP international cooperation area.  There he was country officer for Latin America and later for the ASEAN countries before becoming director in 2006

Margaret Wolfe is the Administrative Assistant for IP Key in China within the International Cooperation Service, International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department at OHIM in Alicante. She has previously worked at OHIM in the ICLAD Secretariat as support to the Director and Deputy Directors.  Has 20 years’ experience as a Legal Secretary/Personal Assistant at various law firms in Alicante, eight of which were spent with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Maria Catavel is one of the IP Key Financial Officers, responsible for managing procurement processes, financial monitoring and reporting, working closely with the TET and the other members of the OHIM back-office. She previously worked in the Finance Department of OHIM in the Accounting and Treasury Service dealing with account payables and treasury issues and working on a project to introduce an electronic invoice system. 

She has worked in Italian companies supporting finance and has been involved in writing European Commission grant bids. Maria has a masters degree in Business Economics from Sapienza University of Rome.



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