Civil, Product Piracy, and Criminal Measures in Germany - how to defend and handle


This presentation gives an overview of Civil, Product Piracy, and Criminal measures in Germany. In particular it deals with German practice on Preliminary Injunctions Orders, border seizures, police raids and necessity of freedom to operate searches. It also analyses the benefits of a protective memorandum and general strategies to avoid or reduce the instance of Preliminary Injunctive Orders, customs seizures and police raids.

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Document type: IP Document
Categories: Trade Fairs | Civil law/procedures | Criminal law/procedures
Activity Title: EU-China training of trainers for IP protection at trade fairs
Activity Date: 12 Jul 2010 to 16 Jul 2010
Location: China
Expert / Author / Speaker: Heinz Goddar and Carl-Richard Haarmann, Boehmert & Boehmert, Germany
Related Legislation: German Civil Procedural Code (ZPO),
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